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A story of life, friendship
and love between two
cowboy’s within the
traditional culture of
the Brazilian gaucho.

Set in the Pantanal area Western Brazil and paying tribute to Brokeback Mountain, "Cowboy Forever" tells the story of a gay cowboys journey to self discovery within the traditional, conservative life of Brazilian gauchos.

Based on a true story, this docu-drama ta
kes us on a journey through Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul and into the lives of these Brazilian gauchos.

Beautifully shot Brazilian landscapes form the backdrop for a sensual tale on the coming-out, friendship of two of these gauchos Govindda and John.

As Govinda's attraction to John deepens he discovers and accepts that part of that attraction is his own evolving sense of self as a gay man. Both men explore the dynamic of Govinda's self discovery on their relationship. At it's heart "Cowboy Forever" is a snapshot of friendship, understanding and love between to men, one straight and one gay and how the genuine beauty of that relationship colors both mens relationships with their fellow cowboys and the world around them.

'Cowboys Forever'

Web: Additional Details at IMDb
Director: Jean Baptiste Erreca
Writer: Jean Baptiste Erreca
Credits: Full Cast, Crew & Credits
Genre: Short
Awards: n/a
Runtime: 27 min
Spoken Languages: Portuguese & English narration
Subtitled in: n/a

'Cowboy Forever'

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'Cowboy Forever'



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